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Welcome to the chaos. For all the less-serious Wolf Brother fans out there, this wiki was designed not just for genuine information, but also screwing around... hehe! Fan fiction, theories, just regular articles but cruder, and random things, anything is welcome on the NANUAK Wiki.

Sincerely, POSSUM chowg, desperate for new editors

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We are sure you were not searching for the official Chronicles of Ancient Darkness wiki at wolfbrother.wikia.com. That place has even worse typos than the World Spirit’s sacred wiki, such as, in their article on the Nanuak: the so-called “word” TgggghhgdffgfdfcfggvThese. Unlike them, our typos are intnetinoal.

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Our goal is to overtake the official wiki in terms of article count.

Welcome to N.A.N.U.A.K. (Nothing actual, No Useful Author’s Knowledge), the “real” michelle paver wiki (mostly centered on Spirit Walker so far) with only a few pages, made by POSSUM CHOWG in his spare time, starting August 8, 2023. An only half-serious wikia page centered on Michelle Paver’s obscure children’s book series, “The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness”. I feel weird making a book series wiki, although a wiki about the series already exists and these novels are better than you’d expect.

All you readers could contribute and try to make it funnier than the dull shit I have so far...

Zero fan art exists for this so I have made my own in MS Paint.

Also, can anyone explain why there are so many links to weird-ass meme wikis here? These keep showing up on unrelated pages. (Go commit die lore (oh wait, I'm pretty sure that one is because of the awful jokes about Nef's suicide on here), a fucking Among Us wiki for some reason, and a few others I didn't recognize.)

We ❤️ Gaup and on this

Also, I am not sure of why the uncyclopedia logo keeps showing up on some pages.


oh world spirit save us


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